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Techno Masterclass, Gdansk 2019

Watch short film shot by our partner at the previous Techno Masterclass, Poland

Previous event: Nov 5/6, 2020 at Afterego in Szczecin, Poland.

The two day Echoplex masterclass went on against all the odds of the nations closure. It was very intense and ended with Echoplex and Post Scriptum in concert.

Previous event: Nov 3/4, 2020 at NWS in Warsaw, Poland.

In nearly full lockdown and in very strict conditions, we have managed to deliver a two day high quality workshop on electronic music. It was difficult to stop the session.

Previous event: Oct 30, 2020 at Mozg in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

The second series of Echoplex DJ masterclass was held at Mozg club in Poland and had ended with a secret concerto on the wheels of steel.  

Previous event: Oct 29, 2020 at Transformator in Wroclaw, Poland.

In challenging circumstances, Post Scriptum have delivered a Techno Masterclass workshop along with a Live performance for a highly enthusiastic and eager group.

Previous event: Oct 24-25, 2020 at the Void club in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin is a Techno city, therefore it was inevitable that Techno Masterclass would come to this home of electronic music. 

Together with VOID, Echoplex will deliver a two day special with a very unique performance of Post Scriptum live in concert to close the weekend off.

Previous event: Oct 22, 2020 at Gwar in Katowice, Poland.

After performing Live with Jeff Mills at Szyb Wilsona in Katowice some years ago, Echoplex came back to deliver first ever Echoplex DJ Masterclass at Gwar.

Previous event: Oct 17-18, 2020 at the Prozak 2.0 club in Krakow, Poland.

Techno Masterclass first time on a Function One system in Krakow.

Echoplex delivered a full two day workshop at the legendary Prozak club in Krakow. The first event series – Pulse Generator kicked off with over 200 head strong cued up outside of the venue not being allowed in.  

Previous event: Aug 15, 2020 at Schron club, Poznan, Poland.

Techno Masterclass at a real bunker? Yes, this was a very special workshop at a very special location fit for purpose for experiencing techno in a full underground fashion. 


Previous event: Aug 1, 2020 at the Mozg club Bydgoszcz, Poland.

It was great to host a two day Echoplex Techno Masterclass workshop in Bydgoszcz, where a lot of topics on production and live performace were shared and explored. 

Previous event: Mar 5, 2020 at the Ayrshire College, Scotland.

Techno Masterclass presents – Ableton Live Masterclass.

It was a great experience to run the Techno Masterclass at Ayrshire College in Scoland. This was a exclusive electronic music production masterclass with focus on: Ableton Live, generating ideas, arrangements, mix-down techniques and much more.


Previous Event: Feb 8-9, 2020 at the CCA,  Glasgow

Techno Masterclass presents – The Art and Science of Techno Music Production.

We are very excited to announce that the next edition of Techno Masterclass will take place at CCA: Centre for Contemporary Arts is Glasgow. A place, which have previously won awards for Best Cultural Venue in Glasgow and is a true hub for artistic creative initiatives. On Feb 8/9, we are bringing you something very special.

Techno Music is about an intimate relationship with yourself and your instruments, getting into the vibe, flow state, connecting as well  on the dancefloor and transmitting yourself onto the dancefloor with a feeling of floating on air…

Join the incredibly experienced Echoplex (Soleil / ARTS / Soma / ), Post Scriptum (Ostgut Ton & Infrastructure New York / Sonic Groove) as he deconstructs his production process and live performance and takes you inside the mind of an experienced DJ and Producer, along with synth designer Rob Spencer (GMSN!, Equinox) who will literally take you right inside your gear. Together we will journey through the art and science of Techno music.

Previous event: Echoplex Techno Masterclass at Teatr w Oknie, Gdansk

It was a pleasure to partner with Korkoro, Teatr w Oknie as well as APS during this 2 day event in Gdansk, Poland. Event was jam packed with lots of burst of creativity. Program included workshops, lectures, demos, excercices, group chats, electronic concert, synth jam, competitions, QA and many more. Stay tuned for more events in Poland coming in 2020. 

Previous event: Echoplex Techno Masterclass at Soma Skool, Glasgow

Echoplex was invited as a special guest to this massive event organised by Soma Records, Soma Skool and Shoogle Studios Glasgow. His presentation on Techno Music production was very well received. Held at SWG3 venue with great discussion panels including Slam, Regis and Surgeon, I Hate Models, Stephanie Sykes and many more. Click below to read about the full event.

Previous event: Echoplex Techno Masterclass at Shoogle Studios, Glasgow

This was the first official Techno Master Class delivered in Glasgow. A very intimate 3 hour session held at the original location of Shoogle Studios. During this “private” gathering  – arrangement, production, getting ustuck as a producer and many more were discussed. Echoplex shared his production secrets with the group. Many of the attandees decided to take things further and book special 1-2-1 sessions with Echoplex as a result. Please refer to the bottom of this page to read some of the feedback in the testimonials section. 


‘‘How to create your own track? Peter definitely convinced the participants of the workshop that passion, much self-denial, a bit of knowledge and practice are enough. The workshops took place in a very interesting place, with a homely atmosphere. Peter clearly and legibly introduced participants to the technical nuances associated with the production of electronic music and related topics with an emphasis on easy and affordable access to basic tools. I definitely recommend attending the workshops led by Peter‘‘

Agi. S

Went to Techno Masterclass, Poland, 2019

‘‘This was a very well planned and conducted training. The technical knowledge and presentation of creative process was perfectly balanced. Peter shares effortlessly his many years hand-on experience including the deepest secrets usually not very eagerly revealed by others. It helped me a lot to understand how to use my everyday experiences and my own personal qualities to achieve very personal “signature sound”. Very supportive and paying a lot of attention to details – answering all the questions. The workshop had its own ambience and at some moments it was like participating and witnessing a secret alchemic phenomenon leading to creation of atmospheric music full of texture and emotions. ‘‘

Vero Yage

Went to Techno Masterclass, Poland 2019

‘‘I was lucky to be taking part in the techno music production workshop organized by Echoplex in Gdansk recently. I liked the form he organized very much, because he did not show basic DAW or electronic instrument operation, but he warmed up to the so-called fighting or showing us how to find a direction in yourself. Very nice atmosphere, and the whole workshop was conducted in the form of not only lectures, but also motivational activating work, so-called group work. In addition, extensive knowledge of the lecturer supported by many years of experience on the stage does its job. I am very pleased and if there will be another edition of this workshop in Poland I will definitely take part in it.‘‘


Went to Techno Masterclass, Poland 2019

‘‘I have been producing techno for around two years. This time a year ago, I was making basic tracks with no real direction in style or sound and felt there was something missing in my productions, I reached out to PS for guidance. Since then, PS has become a friend and a mentor, helped me grow as an artist as well as guide my knowledge of the techno scene as a whole. I have since launched my own label and events series which sees PS contribute a remix for the first release as well as play alongside me and Edit Select headlining my first event. Any time I have needed help, PS has been a phone call or a message away. I would recommend anyone interested in making electronic music to seek out PS knowledge to assist your musical journey.

Tremor - Dust

Took Post Scriptum Coaching Production Secrets 1-2-1 Session

‘‘Peter has a wealth of knowledge and experience in electronic music production which he combines with a unique approach for tutoring focused from an artists point of view. Although he can instruct on including hardware for production he shows you how to maximise creativity by working with the least amount of tools. Peter offers professional advice with tips and tricks that can easily be put into practice on your own, he spends time listening to your work in progress and gives honest feedback so that you can get the most out of your ideas. Peter has been producing electronic dance music for around 25 years so the advice he delivers on how to develop artistically is incredibly valuable, he encourages aspiring producers to be in the moment, to get as much of your ideas down and try to finish your tracks as much as possible in the first instance, his mantra is that making music is about emotions and moods which change rapidly so revisiting tracks that are half finished further down the line can be counter productive, as your feelings change so does the end result which is why he believes artists should try to capture all your ideas whilst you are in that frame of mind. Peter gives refreshing feedback without sugar-coating his responses which is purely for your benefit so that you can grow and develop your style without getting delusions of grandeur. I would highly recommend tuition with Peter either 121 or as part of a group, you will learn a lot in a short space of time.‘‘

Paul Hansen

Went to Techno Masterclass, Glasgow 2015, and took 1-2-1 Echoplex Coaching Services

‘‘Workshops from the Echoplex production are, in my opinion, a great way to look behind the scenes of techno and electronics production, for all those who are not satisfied with listening to music and who would like to add their creative brick to the electronic stage. It is obvious that after participating in them you will not immediately start creating excellent tracks, but you will learn elements that will help you create them in the future: the right workshop, organization of work, conceptual thinking. Echoplex is also an incredibly cordial and nice man who can infect with passion for music production and a desire to experiment, and this last aspect in the context of electronic music is key.‘‘

Daniel Durlak

Went to Techno Masterclass, Poland 2019

‘‘I had a great 1 to 1 session with Peter (Echoplex), we sat down and chose a track of mine to work on, he asked why I chose him for a session, I wanted my tracks more techno, loopy, dark, hypnotic, as mine always ended up sounding quite housey, he said ok, deleted more than 3/4 of my track kept all the main parts and made them banging! It was exactly what i was looking for! Highly recommend him and will probably go for another session myself in the future!”


Shaun Lippe - Slippe

Took 1-2-1 Echoplex Production Coaching Services

‘‘I’m very grateful for the time I spent with Peter in our 1 to 1 session. He helped me to understand what my music was lacking. Peter also emphasized the importance of keeping creative sessions creative. Ultimately this has led to me spending less time messing around with eq’s and more time having fun! Peter is an inspiring individual with extensive knowledge and I would highly recommend his tutoring to anyone looking to feel inspired by making music again‘‘

Scott Ramage - Kolt

Took 1-2-1 Echoplex Production Coaching services

‘‘Very creative workshop that lets you broaden your techno music horizons. I fully recommend it to any techno producer out there.‘‘

Magda Dyrga

Went to Techno Masterclass, Poland 2019

‘‘The Masterclass workshop was for me a meeting with the essence of sound. Echoplex in addition to knowledge about instruments and ways of producing music, has passed on to us an enormous amount of passion that he puts into what he does. Music surrounds us, all you have to do is construct the right jar to catch it. It is worth being careful and sensitive. Whoever was at the workshop could certainly experience listening to music in new ways again. Big compliments to the organizers for the great quality sound system that allowed us to fully enjoy the taste of spontaneous experiments. Widening the horizons of delight guaranteed. Peter, Thank you for beatiful knowledge and example of great passion”


Damian Dylenczuk

Went to Techno Masterclass in Poland 2019

‘‘I have approached the techno masterclass workshops run by Echoplex with great enthusiasm, after all it he is one of the best techno producers in the world. I was not disappointed. There was a lot of interesting and specific information, secrets of art and many elements that I looked at from a completely new page. Echoplex himself conducted the workshops in an extremely cheerful form, but with an emphasis on transferring as much knowledge as possible, the knowledge he had acquired over the years. I am very happy to attend these workshops. I would highly recommend it. ‘‘

Rafal Muttke - Larix

Went to Techno Masterclass in Poland 2019

‘‘Excellent workshops, I had the opportunity to participate in the first such event in Gdansk led by Echoplex, which I came to from abroad (and I was not disappointed). During the 2-day session I learned interesting techniques of working with sound and supplemented my knowledge with additional patents in the field of techno production and creating live act. Echoplex showed me how to use daw software in an original way I didn’t know, far from the conventional method of programming music. It gave me the opportunity to look at the creative process from a different perspective, which I will definitely use for my own work in the home studio; I really liked this experimental approach to music production. Huge commitment on the part of the lecturer, who has extensive knowledge and uses interesting techniques, uncovers the secrets of his craftsmanship, introduces the tools of work – little-known plugins and stories of musical instruments, of which I had no idea. Echoplex shows participants how to create and create their own unique sounds and workflows, all in a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere. A specific person, specific workshops. A lot of professionalism and fun. It is impossible to get bored, a rich lecture program and great people with different backgrounds and musical and production skills. A wonderful opportunity to exchange knowledge and expand networking. Participants also had the opportunity to present themselves musically at a specially organized event taking place as part of the workshop.

Thanks for these inspiration



Went to Techno Masterclass in Poland 2019

‘‘From having worked along side Peter I’ve seen first-hand how his training methods influence people long after they’ve left the classroom. Peter genuinely cares about improving the confidence and skills of his delegates and, although his methods aren’t always orthadox, sometimes approaching things from a new angle delivers the best results

Nadia S

Attended to various group and individual session run by Peter

‘‘I’ve attended four of Peter’s modules to date and to say I was impressed would be an understatement. I’ve never seen someone get so much buy in from a group. His style of coaching and motivating is second to none. I’ve come to consider Peter not only a mentor but also a friend.‘‘

Kevin Kennedy

Attended to various group and individual sessions run by Peter

‘‘If you see that Echoplex is doing Techno Masterclass workshops, be sure to sign up. I have been to such workshops, I have seen and I am very pleased. Super loose atmosphere, cool people and very interesting head opening content. Cool place to exchange experiences and share your comments. And remember – don’t forget the Pendrives with your pieces !!! 🙂 I am already waiting for the next workshop.‘‘

Tomasz Tuszynski

Went to Techno Masterclass in Poland 2019

‘‘The epitome of positive motivation and calm demeanor. Peter’s influence, when experienced first hand or observed with others, is a clear demonstration of confident talent. Peter injections positive motivation and advice to drive individuals to take pride in achieving

Calum MacR

Attended to various group and individual sessions rub by Peter

‘‘The training session with Peter was both informative andmotivational. Give him a problem or something that needs to bedone and he will offer several different methods of approach. Iwould have no hesitation in recommending him as an inspirational trainer ‘‘

Tomasz G

Attended to various group and individual session run by Peter

‘‘Peter helped me out recently. After our coaching session I felt completely focused, calm and confident to approach this new experience. I was impressed with his motivational skills, confidence and talent and he definitely passed that on to me, enhancing my strengths. Working with Peter was such an enriching experience, both personally and professionally‘‘

Carmen Sanchez

Took a 1-2-1 costumized sessions with Peter

‘‘Experienced trainer and coach with a lot of enthousiasm in working with people


Tom Ko

Attended to a full day private workshop run by Peter

‘‘I’ve studied with Peter and I saw Peter working with extraordinary talent and devotion. He can really make the difference! ‘‘

Paulo Svegli

Studied with Peter at special programme in Santa Cruz, USA

‘‘Peter’s teaching is excellent. He puts things across enthusiastically in a way that is easy to understand. In my case he helped me to see that I should embrace and use my past musical experience as a guitarist. Peter helped me realise I have to stay true to myself and make music that is unique to me.‘‘

Craig Penman

Took 1-2-1 Echoplex Techno Production Services

‘‘Peter is very experienced and charizmatic trainer. He revealed the best of us during the session. He blesed us with honest feedback and loads of new knowledge

Jacub D

Attended to a full day private workshop run by Peter

‘‘Hey Peter! Hope you’re well, just want to say thanks again for our session, completely changed the way ive been making tracks! Ive got a track almost ready now and was just looking for a wee bit of feedback if you have the time! Cheers ‘‘

Ross Craig

Took 1-2-1 Echoplex Production Coaching services

‘‘Peter has innate ability to explore people’s strengths, which help turn the problem into the different perspective and create new possibilities and real values. During our coaching sessions, I was able to look deeply into myself and follow the powerful voice in order to reach ‘My Everest’‘‘

Adrian G

Took Individual Coaching and training sessions run by Peter

‘‘Hi Peter, thanks very much for the session today. Very much appreciated. You’ve opened my eyes a bit more to the musical possibilities using ableton…especially with wave files! Cheers.

John Mackintosh

Took 1-2-1 Echoplex Production Coaching Services

‘‘I met Peter in Santa Cruz (CA), where he became in a short time one of the group’s favourites for his cleverness and brilliance. During the activities at the campus he demonstrated exellent leadership qualities and a strong determination to perceive his goals. ‘‘

Danilo Balbinot

Studied with Peter at a special programme in Santa Cruz USA.

‘‘Peter is dedicated to his work, extremely curious and always open to new possibilities. With Peter around, you can be sure all stones are turned. He is respectful and determined at the sametime. I see him as a valuable part of any team who needs to get things done, in or outside the box‘‘

Sanna Leino

Studied with Peter at a special programme in Santa Cruz USA.

‘‘As a trainer, Peter showed a high professional level of skill in coaching and working with others in achieving their goals and I would recommend him to support you in building your professional development.‘‘

Lorna Bukkland

was learning with Peter as a resource team member

‘‘Peter has tremendous passion in study for human development. It seems as if his life work is to make “User’s manual” for human being. I have been very grateful that I could share the class with him. I really hope that I can study with him again‘‘

Shintaro Kon

Studied with Peter at a special programme in Santa Cruz USA.

‘‘Peter is an incredibly talented coach. He has a naturally facilitative style and approach; he is insightful and has an amazing capacity for using probing questions to help coachees gain deep understanding, ‘unblock’ and find solutions. In a recent coaching session, Peter skilfully helped me to work through some outstanding issues, enabling me to achieve a new level of awareness in quick time. I am inspired by Peter and delighted to have had the opportunity to meet with someone of his talent‘‘

Lorna S

Was coached by Peter during a special programme in London u.K.

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