Ableton Live can be a simple and super effective tool.

Exactly, you dont need to master this software to do what you want to do most, which is? Of course complete and release your own music. Watch this short tutorial on arrangement delivered by professional certified trainer Peter Sliwinski aka Echoplex and Post Scriptum. 

Ableton Live for strict beginners. 

Are you new to Ableton Live and you would like to gather enough knowledge to put tracks together? You dont need to complete lots of levels of learning and waste a lot of money. Learn the basics, finish tracks. Find out how Ableton Live can be such simple tool to learn that kids can do that too.

Ableton Live Creative Idea Maker

Develop your skills of making quick ideas that can easily be developed into tracks. Transform your routines into rituals. Unleash your true creativity and potential to go beyond being stuck with a drum loop.

Ableton Live Sound Design Session

Learn how to create powerful sounds ranging from single noises to memorable sound scapes using only Ableton Live software. Create huge modular patches without a single cable.

Ableton Live Arrangement and Track Finishing Techniques

Yes, the hardest bit of all. Completing your tracks is at the heart of what we do. Basing this on experience of over 150 released titles ranging from compilations to full lenght albums. Featured on such labels like Ostgut Ton, Infrastructure New York, M_nus, Nova Mute, ARTS, Sonic Groove, Soleil, Soma to list some. You can easily learn and apply the magic skills of completing tracks in Ableton Live too. Learn from a reliable source to gather inspiration, motivation as well as know-how to enjoy the challenging process of finishing your tracks. 

Ableton Live Performance Techniques

Ableton Live can also be an amazing tool for performing your own music on stage. Take it on the road trip with Echoplex or Post Scriptum secret techniques played across the world in such notable places like Berghain club, Tresor club, Awakenings Festival, Atonal Festival, Audioriver Festival, Reaktor Events to name very few. 

Ableton Live Recording and Mixing Techniques

Recording the audio in the flow of work can prove to be problematic experience, as well as mixing straight in a DAW, without a hardware mixing console can be a quite arduous process. Learn how to optimize your recording and mixing process using both software and hardware tools. Enjoy mixing your tracks with ears, not only eyes stuck to a screen. Learn the mystery behind effective sub mixing of all the problematic elements and frequencies in your music, like kick, bass, reverb and many more.

Ableton Live Integration with Hardware set ups

Whether Ableton Live is the main source of control or an important addition to your hardware set up, it is important to know how to best incorporate it into your system. Master the skills of integrating Ableton Live with your digital or analog systems both in the studio or on stage.

Ableton Live Secret Workflow and Process Masterclass

Learn the tricks of trade, the workflows that work and processes that can be easily applied. Build your own racks, combine the uncombined, create the un-imaginable. Stand out, be unique and master the secrets of Ableton’s technique.

Ableton Live Project Feedback session

Are you using templates? and have bad habits from attending to schools that thaught you the “right way” of using this software. To put compression and limiters on each channel, apply pararell compression and use reverb and delay on each track? And then you wonder, hmm. Why is this all sounding so flat and dead? Than you are really in a right place. Gather constructive and real feedback about your session, project, instruments to improve your overall worflow and develop a unique sound and style. Get full insight of your Ableton Live project and learn how to optimize your environment to suit your needs.

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