Track Analysis Feedback session

Gain advantage, save time and confirm the right direction taken with this new service. Get crucial and constructive analysis of your music and move forward past the analysis paralysis of your mind. Check our special offers for single tracks, EP’s or full lenght album releases. 

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We all receive feedback in one way or the other, we all heard, “cool”, “dig it” “nice beat” “power” or “essence” or downloaded for.. but what is this really giving us? What sort of wisdom and knowledge do we get to move passed our analysis paralysis of our own mind? Well, not much really!  The hardest bit in the process of making music is to manage the uknown, is to learn how to judge your own music, relaying on professional feedback. After many hunderd of hours of professional feedback given to musicians – Echoplex and Post Scriptum launches a new kind of revelotionary offering. TRACK ANALYSIS FEEDBACK SESSION. 

Why is it important

We feel it is very important for all producers and artists to have access to professional honest advice.

Such constructuive and real feedback is hard to find and highly valued within most electronic music circles. 

When receiving honest, professional and valuable feedback from a industry professional based on years of experience as well as having your music tested in a Professional Listening Environment on very professional monitoring systems provided by APS Pro Audio Solutions will give you a competitive edge and most importanly a peace of mind. 


How does it work?

After sending your music for review you will receive tips and knowledge on:

What’s already working in your track

What things to improve, what to potentially add and how to solidify your production

Any musical ideas that could improve your overal character of a track

Any potential problems you can easily fix in your mix down

Tips on how to prepare a professional demo, how to approach a label and what to look out for

Further recomendation and advice on labels that maybe suitable for your sound.

How to order it?

There are siimple steps that you need to make in order to get started on this journey. Please choose the best alternative that suits your need below, send us an email to, explaining your goals and purpose, dont worry if you need support with finding your goals and purpose we will arrange a short 15 minute call to discuss options with you. After agreeing on the option, you will upload your music and provide us with the adequate links. Let your real musical journey begin:)


Choose your best suited offer

1 Track Analysis Feedback Session

1 Hour Pro Session / £40

2 Tracks Analysis Feedback

2 Hour Pro Session / £60

E.P Single Analysis Feedback

4 hour Pro Session / £125

L.P Album Analysis Feedback

12 hour Pro Session / £350

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Track Feedback Session

Unsure if your track is ready? Looking for advice on any changes that will enhance your mix and thus allow you to benefit from a much solid track? Have our professional mix engineer listen to your track and provide you with an honest and constructive feedback session.  

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