Welcome to Techno Masterclass – a place of techno music, born out of passion and developed over many years of experience being involved on the scene. Our organization, made by a community of techno lovers, writers, journalists, producers, dj’s and synth designers aims to help you to find knowledge, guidance and inspiration. Enjoy our quality features, video blog, tutorials, interviews, podcasts as well as special, upcoming workshop and events. This site is in constant growth. If you want to contribute in any possible way, please get in touch!


We love techno to bits and are on the hunt for other passionate techno freaks. We understand that to make techno of today it is useful to peak into the techno of yesterday. Features section aims at looking inside the creative minds, influential pioneering artists,  organizations, event promoters, synth makers and specialists.  

Through deep conversations with real artists in a voyage of history of techno, we will search for answers to meanigful questions. To supplement, we will collaborate with Soleil Podcast to bring music to your ears with regular, quality mixes from a spectrum of styles, tastes and generations. Infecting you with sounds of the past and the future. Check out the latest feature with the legendary Scottish Techno producer – Vince Watson, expoloring life, techno making and his latest passion for teaching production.


After a recent string of successful techno masterclasses, workshops and group gatherings, techno “dinosour” Echoplex looks to take on his most exciting project to date.

A truly unique musical experience that will allow you to step into his studio and explore his new concept, bringing you closer to the music as you witness the creation of an album from start to finish. Be part of the action as you dive into a world of hardware, software, synthesis and sequencing while seeing Echoplex tune into his sound to tackle every producers biggest project. Echoplex’s intention is to take you on a journey of learning and inspiration as you are guided through the process of an album, release, distribution and promotion. With over 2 decades in the techno scene and countless releases, Echoplex latest venture is looking to be a real masterclass you don’t want to miss. 


Enter the mind of Peter Sliwinski (Echoplex /  Post Scriptum), a staple in the techno scene for over 20 years. Expect top drawer production techniques, inspirational reflections and shared knowledge gained over his long reigning position in the industry. From when to apply reverb in your tracks to getting unstuck in your music making to finding your purpose as a techno producer. 

As a long-term Techno producer, DJ, label owner and highly certified coach and trainer – Peter tries to cover all basis, providing solutions and sharing experiences and lessons learnt in these series of “memoirs”. Hopefully giving you a value that you can add  in your every day techno making, production and releasing of own music. 


Looking to start techno production, stuck on a track? Struggling to keep the energy alive in your music, looking for tips on making those lush pads, sticky grooves, hooks, pounding drums or simply how to operate that synth you just got? We hope you will find lots of useful tips right in this section. 

We know that the answers are out there, and we also know that looking for a reliable source of information (not generic bull… that tries to link you up to buying another course) is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Hence we will be diving deep into the world of online techno, sharing hand-picked and carefuly pre-selected links to the most useful in tutorials, pioneering artists top tips, how to’s and many more. 


Need inspiration? Lost the drive, focus and passion? Want to know how to carry on through tough times and keep soul in your music? Look no further. In this section we will be sharing what truly inspires us, hopefully getting you back on your creative track by directing you to some interesting documentaries, interviews and tracks.

If you can take even one thing away from this section to improve your production, better your DJ’ing or improve your mindset, our job is done.



We have an ear for proper techno sound, being a collective of dj’s and producers we will put some real techno music as well as gear under the microscope.   

Rest assured, we will be looking closely at fresh, cutting edge music in all corners of the world, featuring reviews on releases from a variety of styles and scopes, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your taste. Had your eye on that  synth, sampler, or drum machine for a while? Unsure if it would benefit your workflow? We will  also be reviewing the best gear in the techno industry, modular, top production software and latest plugins from the significant makers and designers in the business. The pro’s and con’s, the synthesis and sequencing and most importantly – the sound, character and soul of musical machines in a serious detail. 


We don’t show you how techno is generally made. We help you to discover new, creative ways of making techno in order to develop your very own, original, easily recognizable techno music.        -Echoplex-

Your biggest challenge in techno making is to develop your true signature sound, widely recognizable and loved not because it fits within the standard and fashion of the current industry trend, but because it is real expression of your deepest dark / light corridors of your heart and mind. There is no one way to make techno. There is only your way.  

Techno Masterclass Glasgow coming soon.

Our Mission and Vision

To build a strong community of confident techno producers able to express themselves in their music and performance. We will achieve this by:

Inspiring and Challenging

Inspire each other to act and challenge with constructive feedback

Sharing and Learning

Share ideas and learn from each other to find new ways of creating original techno 

Enabling and Developing

Enable productivity, trigger positive mindset and continous development

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